Workshops with Leslie Molen

Leslie's workshops provide detailed teaching of techniques that she has created through her many years of creating unique class dolls and original art pieces that are held in collections world-wide.

Leslie has studied the Asian culture in symbolism for over 15 years and is excited to share this beautiful thoughtful knowledge with you, her students, so they to can create their own beautiful art.. She is member of the NIADA.  

Student Minimum 8 Maximum 14
Time period: late fall 2017 - year of 2018

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Ling Li or Chun Woo ©

2 day class with Leslie Molen
level: intermediate to advanced

Description of class: Come join Leslie to create Ling Li Hua (Delicate Pearl Blossom) or her sister Chun Woo (Spring Rain). 

Together with Leslie learn using detailed instructions on how to create a beautiful Asian-influenced doll. Our focus will be on needle sculpting a head, inserting your own hand painted eyes and adding an overlay. Learn how to create armatures in the body for a free standing doll. Sewing, stuffing and color balance with fabrics will also be explored.

Queen Anne©

3 day class with Leslie 

level: Mater Class-must have accomplished dollmaking skills

Description of Class: Join Leslie in creating this cloth doll inspired from the 1800 wooden versions.
A jointed body and carved face decorated with stylized eyebrows and brightly rouged cheeks characterize the "Queen Anne" style dolls. English woodcarvers and craftsmen began making these dolls in the 1600s which continued through the 1840s. Affordable only to affluent families, the vast majority of Queen Anne dolls where owned by women, who dressed them in the fashions of the time.
In this Body class, you will learn to create a jointed limbed body of cloth with a three dimensional face, the look of inset painted almond shaped eyes, a new technique created by Leslie! Learn unique painting techniques to give your doll an antiqued finish.

Undergarments are of a corset and bloomers coinciding with the times.

Dress costume, shoes and hat pattern available separately.

Happiness Hat©

2 days Class with Leslie
level: open to everyone

Description of Class: We all have our own life’s journey, our own story. In this two days class Leslie will guide you to tell your story through symbolism from Asian legends and lores creating your own paper Happiness Hat.
Leslie will share with you the purposeful meaning behind each. We will use specialty papers that we will hand dye to create beautiful three dimensional flowers placed on a handmade paper hat that you will be able to wear.

Leslie has studied the Asian culture in symbolism for over 15 years and is excited to share this beautiful thoughtful knowledge with you. She is member of the NIADA. Her dolls and hats are internationally recognized.

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Below are student's Happiness Hats:


Interior depicts the surprise print
as in Leslie's Original Story Hats

2017 © Leslie Molen all images, titles, patterns, and art pieces are copyrighted.

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