For You

Hanako ~ flower child ~ 

By Leslie Molen/ROotie StudiO


Body: Clothespins with flat feet
Base: Round clothespin base
Head: Dowel Caps 1 1/4" with 5/8” opening
Hair Buns: 1/4" dowel caps
Arms: Pipe cleaner optional - wrap the arms with skin color embroidery floss DMC #738
Craft Paint: Tan with a yellow undertone for Head and Neck, Black for Hair and Base, White for Legs, Magenta for lips.
Kimono: 3” x 5” Fabric + lightweight stabilizer
Neck Wrap: ¼” wide Thin Ribbon
Obi: 8 inches of a ½” wide ribbon
Tacky glue, Varnish

1. Glue on head. Filling in gap around neck with glue.
2. Cut pipe cleaner to 5 ¼” long.
3. Fold over 1/8” at each tip to create hands.
4. Wrap embroidery floss around stem and glue to secure into place.
5. Paint face and neck area with tan paint.
6. Paint legs white.
7. Draw hair line with pencil.
8. Glue hair buns into place. Fill gaps with glue. Let dry.
9. Paint hair with black paint.
10. Paint two dots for eyes. Add one lash at sides.
11. Paint one dot for lips.
12. Let all paint dry thoroughly. Gloss varnish over all painted areas.
13. Glue arms at back at line between white and skin tone paint.
    To start 
Steps 5-9 
Steps 10-13 +

1. Overlap and tack glue ribbon at neckline with left over right in a V shape.
2. Cut out 1 piece of fabric and lightweight stabilizer 3” x 5”.
3. Press stabilizer to back of fabric.
4. Trace out all patterns pieces onto back sides of fabric.
5. Cut out tracings on the tracing line.
6. Place and glue kimono top to doll (left over right). Glue to body, fold tabs
on sides and glue. Add a thin line of glue to under sides of sleeves to secure.
7. Place and glue skirt onto doll at waist and half way down front.
8. Add Ribbon obi belt around doll waist and glue into place in back.
9. Make a bow and glue onto back of obi.
10. Add little flowers or bow to hair.



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