A whole lot has happened since I turned 60 in APRIL...

My soul mate, Sean and I got Ireland! 
I am now Leslie O'Leary...which I think could not be better expressed than my initials- LOL!
"How did you find him"...I am asked and fairly regularly...there is no one answer...there is only the was his eyes...I recognized his eyes!

Although, I have found that you must be as clear as you can be about who you are to make that true connection.

We lost our Issy...she lived to be 18 years old. I would say- to me -she was the sweetest and most intuitively connected cat...she was incredibly smart and could communicate exactly what she wanted and knew what you were saying to others she was a crazy semi feral cat...her little bright soul is carried within our hearts.
..and yes, in time we will get another pet or two...our requirement is they should be an animal in need- as a shelter/rescue animal...I believe that they come to you when it's time.

I enrolled in a 200 hour yoga teacher training class...ok...whoa! 
We were told that this course was intense right off the bat..."self care is most important"..."this is going to be a great time of challenging growth"..."this is going to be tough"...

This 10 week course did exactly that- I found at times to be so far out of my comfort zone that I was happy that I knew how to breath! It surely did push and brought out my most fearlessness I could muster...and now that is is completed and I have graduated I realize what an incredible life changing event it was...I am forever grateful to Kindness Yoga, my instructors Jen and Jordan, my fellow (most supportive) students, and of course my darling, Sean, who kept me focused and on track!

AND now I have found this deep meaning for how important yoga and it's benefits are to everyone, that I have signed up to continue my education with a specialty in Children's Yoga. My goal is to teach children and adults!

...with the intense study this summer of my yoga art took a side line. I was still working on my new line of insects but at a much slower pace, which I believe was really just perfect. This project needed time to develop and by taking my time, I was able to let the beginnings of the Cicada to emerge in a very organic way! 
I am very excited about this line and truly believe that the opening of my soul from my yoga training will open the soul of my art...stay tuned for more of this!

I do have an upcoming workshops- link here to see what's happening!
newest: Shinko-Faith online
LuLu Blu Dragonfly- in person!

AND finally! over these last three years, I have been looking for someway of bringing art to ALL! I feel that art has such an important place in our our world.
The perfect blend of soul and art that anyone can do crossed my path! I will be taking a certification to become a facilitator so I can bring this wonderful art form to you!
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My goal for this is to bring to you workshops that incorporate simple meditation and/or yoga, soulful creativity, and special guest speakers...

bottom that I am so very thankful for my life...and for you all...thank you for taking the time to read this. It is important to me to share with you my journey and my hope is to bring you some inspiration that you too can be all that you want to be...and I will be here to give any guidance and support that I can!
Leslie O'Leary
textiles encircled with love and symbolism

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