Thursday, March 19, 2020

Finding Beauty in the Quiet : Soul Sisters

Between my dolls of Transition...The Cicada and The Bee 

and Transcending to my new line "Ito"...
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I found I needed to create something more delicate and quiet...

These came into being as The Soul Sisters.


These dolls started with all cloth sewn bodies.

But of course, I could not leave it there- had to add something to alter the "feel" of the piece. I love patina- anything with patina. I believe it gives beautiful soulful layers to art as well as to life!

So into a (loose) tea bath they went...I wanted it to be purposely spotty...

One whole doll and one bust of a doll...being created here.

I love when I am able to be the communication with my pieces I am creating.
That is when I find that they tell me what's next...

Next up was adding another layer using alcohol inks. I love tipped fingers and toes- I mean LOVE..even obsessed with this right now!

These dolls are created to be on a simple black stand with the "symbolism" on the bottom of the base.

Needlesculpting and  painting, the face came next...with embroidered eyebrows.


Sometimes when I have an idea in my head I will do a very very quick sketch...I do not do anymore than this because if I go further, I feel that the idea has been created.

So now onto creating this gown!
These are the fabrics for Blue Lotus...all silk.

Here hat decor is hand-dyed using Japanese papers and Procion natural fiber dyes.
Blue Lotus flower completed...I included some found nature- these lovely sticks that I gathered over winter during my morning walks...tinted with subtle gold.

Onto the kimono style gown!
I machine sew the larger sections and then hand-sew all the pieces together.
I love hand-sewing- that is where my true mindfulness/meditation steps in. Gently focus on the task at hand.

Next is the hair. I used a silk and bamboo blend thin yarn and added a long braid.
Added in tiny detailing to silhouette the shape of the kimono.
Glass and bone beads with linen threads.


SIDE NOTE: Notice the X over the heart- in memory of my Dad...

 Blue Lotus:
Symbol of the human soul, spirituality, and divinity. 

It also forms one of the important elements of 
enlightenment, re-birth, unification, and purity in a mystical way. 
Leslie O’Leary 2019

At this writing Blue Lotus is available

Another PIECE in this series!

Spring Blossoms

Next "Ito" the beginning!

Friday, March 6, 2020

Progression...The Gift...PART FIVE- final.

noun : the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

These last five postings have been about my journey of a sense "The Hero's Journey". I believe my story followed the path of the hero in John Campbell's teachings and because of that I became the Hero of my own life.

Starting in the "Wasteland" and now returning "Home" in many ways, to give you my treasure (my hope is wisdom).

Initially, I thought I would create pieces for each of these areas...I found that I gravitated towards The Call to the Adventure and then to Magical Flights and the Return. What ended up being expressed was the left side group together in The Cicada and now, the right side grouped together in The Bee.

SIDE NOTE: for The Bee creation process see links below.

It was important for me to express her as the bearer of the gift. 
So her open palms were nestled with "pollen". 

By the time she returned home she was also a bit more comfortable in herself and through her struggles became a bit of a "rock star" in her attitude. "I can survive beautifully and do great things to help others"

So her hair became a mohawk and her eyes became expressive with a bit of don't mess with me twinkle.

She is now a woman and shows this through her gown trimmed in a flower from which she has taken flight...stinger camouflaged gently within the petals.

Wings spread she has come home.

On a Personal Note:

My journey started four years ago as a presence with my Dad with brain cancer and seeing him to the end of his life journey. My "family of origin" turning to show their true colors, and papers being filed for a divorce...all this happened within a 6 month period...

...and you know what?
It was the best thing that could of happened "for" me. As everything as I knew it was stripped away, I was left with only me. 

Now was my chance to build a new me...a new belief system within myself. Yes, it was a hard hard work, but one I was determined to take. And I am forever grateful for my art and being able to express this time period with my work.

I have changed and so has my art...while I lost color for a time, I find it is back. 
For the first time in my life, I feel safe. Safe to express myself.
Deep thanks to my "Magical Helpers" along the path.

I find now that my pieces have evolved from little girls to women...and I am thankful that my years of studying Asian symbolism can return to my newest series...Ito.

Next posting will start again with the "how I did it" processes and how "Ito" inspires this theme.
I have come from Moth to Butterfly 

spreading my colorful wings!
Stay tuned for
verb: be or go beyond the range or limits. 

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