Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Sewing Box

When I think about what is important to me…those little things in life that may go unnoticed but really are so significant …hand-sewing.
I have found that it is good for you…good for your soul. It brings you away from life’s demands and into a peaceful moment to focus on the task at hand…from these hands.

Many years ago when I moved my studio from my home and into its own space, I found that I didn’t have a needle or thread to be found at home! This was quite a strange feeling since sewing has been so much a part of my life…so along came my little sewing box that I keep at home.

I would like to share with you my sewing box...

My (Mary Englebreit) sturdy hinged box.

Opened- with all my little treasures…

My silk velvet tomato pincushion
and my case for my needles- extra buttons…

My vintage scissor pouch…

This pouch could stand on it’s own for a sewing kit…
in it I have more needles, straight pins,
thread heaven (like bees wax),
my special little pin cushion a gift
from a friend- it was her Mother’s!
And the greatest find-
The Rainbow Threads-a woven group of threads…
it is such a nice way to have any thread
you need by simply pulling out the color you need!

Last but not least,
my special treasure,
a gift from a friend…
my vintage little black cat tape measure!!

Here is a list of things for your sewing box.
You may choose to have all or just what you need…

  • A cool sturdy hinged box
  • Hand-sewing needles: With assorted sizes, you'll be prepared to work on different fabrics. My favorites are Piecemakers brands needles and I love the Sharps which I find are best for most stitching and mending.
  • Needle threader: To use, slip the flexible wire loop through the eye of a hand needle, feed the thread through it, and pull the wire back out, bringing the thread with it.
  • Thimble: I didn’t grow up learning to use a thimble but I know many people who cannot sew with out one!
  • Beeswax or Thread Heaven: A wax coating keeps thread from tangling during hand sewing.
  • Tape measure: I like the soft kind- it rolls up nicely into my box.
  • Assorted color threads
  • Spool of black & white thread
  • Pin cushion: Any one will do- but making it special makes your sewing more special. It is a nice way to splurge without spending a lot of money!
  • Straight pins
  • 1 pair of quality scissor, I usually have two small pairs since this is my at home box, but you may want to have a pair of fabric scissors in your.
  • White buttons: a small supply in various sizes.
  • Seam ripper: I didn’t grow up using this either, I used very small scissors…I think the seam ripper is so easy to use.
  • Safety pins: Store them on one pin so they don't scatter throughout your box.


  1. Hello Leslie! Well now, you've a blog all proper and such - YAY! I just started a dolly blog today too! Come and visit me: I have many of your patterns and wished I lived close enough to take some of your wonderful classes. Some day, some day my dolly fairy will come and grant me that wish! Best, Ani

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging Leslie! Your newsletter is great fun to read so I'm interested to find out what you plan for us on Fridays. Cheers! :-)

  3. Hello Leslie! I love your little sewing box and you're right....we're always running around not enjoying the little pleasures of life. Talking a walk, picking some berries along side of the road or simply watching a Deer and her young. Thanks for that!


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