Friday, February 27, 2009

This week at ROotie - Clean!

At the beginning of every year, I like to take the time to clean and re-organize my studio. It is a lot of work but I feel that it pays off in the long run. Fortunately, I am so busy that by the end of the year- I have just stuffed things anywhere just to make room for a new project.

I start off with clearing everything off the shelves and go through each item...I know it sounds nuts- but it is worth it!

My Workspace- clean and ready...

First off, it creates a feeling of to create! Clearing out things that just do not need to be there. Getting rid of dead weight.

Second off, it saves me time because now things are back in there place and once again like-things are together. I don't have to hunt for things.

Thirdly, it is motivating. Now that everything is shiny and organized, I am ready to get back to work!

Finally, I love my studio and it is nice to take care of it. And it is wonderful to have those pretty things you love in sight!

Before and After
My shelves with paints and pencils etc...

Before and After
My shelves with my fabrics...

Just After
I had all my ribbons in an over flowing drawer...everything was so smashed in there I could not find anything. I bought 24 quart-sized canning jars and put my ribbons, trims, and special items in them. Now they are handy and so fun to look at!
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