Friday, March 13, 2009

Little Dresses- The Concept

For 15 or so years, I have belonged to a Women's Group. Members have come and gone and come back. We have had a core (intimate) group for some time.

In the past, we have chosen monthly projects to share with one another... Themed projects like ATC's, Fat Book pages, and Paper Dolls.

This year we decided to do something individually. We chose to do a Quilted Journal- one that is our own interpretation. I thought about it and decided on doing a journal of Little Dresses adding a story. This is going to be a challenge! For a three-dimensional person, doing something two-dimensional is going to be a learning experience for me. I do have the concept and even the words for about 7-8 is just working "flat" that is my exploration!

For inspiration, I have a vintage (French) little dress hanging in my studio. I just love this little dress. It has metal embroidery work done on silk. Recently, I was offered a nice price to sell it, but I love this little dress...needless to say, it still hangs in my studio.

Now to work and see what I will come up with....stay tuned....
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