Friday, June 5, 2009

Shells at the Table

Many of you know my love of the ocean...and therefore I love shells also!
So...when one of our Progressive Dinner parties came around with the theme of the Mediterranean, I thought of the Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful color of the water and...the shells.

The seashell is a symbol of many positive things in life. Seashells are thought to be gifts from the ocean. With its various shapes and forms, it is the symbol of uniqueness and beauty. One great symbolism of the seashell is created by Boticelli in one of his artistic creations. In his painting of "The Birth of Venus", the seashell is depicted as the vessel of beauty, rebirth, love, and godly attributes to the earth.
Here is my table setting- glass pebbles as little droplets of water...abalone shell square plates, shell votives and small candles...a scarf used for the runner.
Our course was salad-I served base of greens called mache with a mint vinaigrette topped with feta and figs with a swirl of peppered honey.

Great shell plates I found at Pottery Barn a few years ago...

My counter top with the "crab" nut tray...

Accents of white and reflect the ocean!
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