Friday, July 31, 2009

A Close-Up of My StudiO

tiles above the back door

Over the years of traveling to teach I have had request for pictures of my studio. Being an artist and totally visual, I find it important to have things that surround me to be visually fill me with that creative sparkle...things that I love...
What do I see as I am creating everyday...what are the little things that I find so wonderful??

I started with the basics- of color of the walls. I needed it to be calm and soothing so I picked out two shades of robin's egg blue- not quite blue and not quite green...but equally balanced. One shade in my personal work area and another slightly lighter shade in the classroom area.

Then added fresh white and green accents...
an old picket fence my husband found for me-
already painted the perfect green!

close up of my cabinet with some of
my favorite tea cups!

Added some soft touches...
old quilt
new quilt
cute quilt

Then filled in with my personal small items...
little birds and "luv muffins"
that sit on my worktable

sitting in front of my design area
pretty pincushions including

a gift from a friend- a betz white cupcake!

favorite books on my shelf
I collect Japanese craft books...

little dolls and pincushions
that sit on a shelf above my computer screen

baskets filled with
Japanese & Chinese fabrics

jars of pencils
and jars of ribbons

The filled the room with soft music...

One of my favorite online music stations is pandora. You can create your own stations of music you like. Right now I am listening to Jim Brickman or Kevin Kern and created a station around that kind of music.

All in all it is so wonderful to create things you love and
it helps when you have an atmosphere surrounded by things you love-
it cannot help but nurture your creativity!

heart that hangs on my front door with TWO lucky cats!
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