Friday, August 21, 2009

Doll Heads: Peas in a Pod

This week has been so crazy busy! Classes, dying fabric, getting patterns & kits ready...starting dolls...and yes, writing my beloved blog...

To me, dollmaking is such a satisfying experience- when I slow down and take the time it becomes meditative or to quote one of my students- zen-like.
I am getting ready for the NIADA conference and making my gallery pieces for the show and sale. It all starts with the head...I love sculpting these faces. I love the feel of the clay and the expressions that seem to already be there- as I work the clay the features just seem to appear...I am in my own world- focused and in the moment.

When creating these heads- repetition can set in- which can run both ways- good and bad- meditative and the same. As I sculpt I remember that each one of these is a individual- from the same pod but an individual pea!

Heads sculpted using DAS stone clay
Three go to NIADA & two stay here for a commission

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul”
Yiddish Proverb

Heads covered with chirimen silk and only the eyes painted
Close up of eyes
Yes, indeed, the eyes are the focus of dolls. They reflect back to the viewer their story. I love painting the eyes it is when the doll becomes its own being. Now I just have to listen and be guided by my intuition to bring out their story in their posture, clothing and final faces shading and coloring.

Today and tomorrow morning, I will finish up with attaching the heads to the torso and then adding arms and legs. Hopefully, tomorrow afternoon start on the costuming!!

Already formulated in my head, I have my ideas for what these dolls are to become...Story Dolls
..more to come next week!
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