Friday, October 2, 2009

The NIADA Book

It is here! The new NIADA Book.

It was a labor of love carefully crafted by NIADA artists Shelley Thornton and Chris Chomick. I believe this book to hold the essence of each NIADA artist. The layout is beautifully blended between the new and the old. It is an inspiration for all artist, the quality of the color photography is outstanding...I am thrilled and honored to be included in this piece of history!

NIADA’s wonderful new book, NIADA Art Dolls: Rich Traditions, New Ideas had its premier unveiling at the 2009 conference. Directed and edited by NIADA artist Shelley Thornton, and designed by NIADA artist Chris Chomick, the nearly 400-page hard-cover, all color book will present work from over 150 doll artists who’ve been elected to NIADA since its beginning in 1963. This stunning array of doll images will be an invaluable ongoing inspiration to doll lovers and artists alike.
This book covers the history of NIADA beginning in 1963 to the present, covering the founding of NIADA, "voices" from the artists, what is an art doll, and most impressively the 630 pieces of art. The book in broken into sections of medium- very user friendly!

The one thing that I love about NIADA is the diversity of each artist- each has a their own distinct style and continuing with a well-defined technique of their work. I believe that this is what characterises NIADA dolls as art to share with you!

Some of the pages...

Various artist from the Fired Clay section

Reina Brill from the Mixed Media section

One of my pieces from the Fiber section
For the local CO people,
I will have these books ($65)
available at ROotie-
let me know if you are interested!
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