Friday, November 27, 2009

Surprise Santos

As many of you know every year here at ROotie StudiO, I hold a class specially created for my students. It is a Surprise Holiday Doll Class. No one knows what this doll is going to be- it is a Surprise!

With help from my sister this year, I did all the pre-work sewing and we put together kits for each person which holds everything they will need to make this project. It is my way of thanking my students for their support over the year!
This year's Surprise Doll was an Angel. I designed her in a Santos or Saint style. I have always loved the Spanish- style of Santos. Usually they are carved from wood and have a feel of folk-art. One of the best collections I have seen is at the Santa Fe Folk Art Museum- the museum itself holds, I believe, the best collection of folk art items from around the world and from a broad range of dates!

A Santos is basically...a painted or carved image of a Saint common especially in Mexico and south-western part of the US.
Everyone arrives at the studio to find the doll under-wraps...we then "unveil" the doll and out emerges their project we will crate together! The everyone finds their "gift" in the classroom area and unwraps their gift to find the pieces to assemble their creation!

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