Friday, February 26, 2010

Creative Process

As I am working on a new doll for a class, I had a spark of an idea which brought me back to...

Where do I get my ideas for my dolls?
Good question~

Each doll brings with it inspiration from different sources...

Sometimes it is in the words:
Moon Rabbit- from a Japanese folk tale
note: rice moon ball in hand
and fabric from Japan

Sometimes it is in the fabric:
Flora Fairie- pre "ribboned" fabric
note: ribbons on skirt
and silk petals

Sometimes it is in the season:
Autumn-Pumpkin Girl
note: seasonal fabric choices
including wool felt for head and hands

velvet leaves and ribbons

Sometimes it is in the technique:
Phoebe- needlesculpted folk style
note: stylized placement of features
including elongated nose

and simply patterned fabric

and with this new doll "the Santos Cage Doll"
it is in the style...and the re-designing/re-creating it.

An example of a Contemporary Doll
A Vintage Cage Doll

I have studied the Santos a bit and have found the Cage Skirt to be of great interest.

Originally, these "dolls" where once upon a time found in Portugal and Spain, Santos cage dolls were used in Catholic religious processions —frequently dressed in elaborate gowns and crowns. The cage body was traditionally used to display photographs and flowers to represent celebrations.

As I have been rolling this doll around in my head, I have thought over the basic design of the cage- long vertical would these slats relate to the garment for this creation?

I have been waiting for my inspiration to come to me...and it did in the form of a rug!

As I sat thinking about the doll and the slats I looked down and saw a woven rug...there was my answer right in front of me...a woven piece that would enhance or even mimic the slats...
I am still in the creative working process for this class doll ...
I will share with you the final results in the month to come!

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