Friday, May 21, 2010

Cage Skirt Doll- Step 3

As we left this doll last week, I had completed her torso with head and jointed arms.
Now she needed a bodice. I wanted to incorporate a weaving technique, so I looked over my chosen fabrics...
...and picked out four- a linen, a batik cotton, and two velvets. Next, I cut those into strips and folded them to show finished edges. I wove two of the strips through horizontally. And then, I rolled over the top and bottom strips to form pretty loops and secured all with top-stitching.
Bodice on and body in place. At this point the doll was reading top heavy and needed something to ground her but light enough so the cage was still present.

I find that when my doll needs grounding and for the sake of design cannot use a heavy fabric, I find that volume can be used.
So I used this beautiful vintage dotted tulle.
I sewed two layers of skirts...still light and airy...
Just what she needed...
So I had the tulle on the bottom section and for balance decided to use it in an airy fashion framing her face...
...this framing brings the attention back to her face after the viewer takes in the entire piece.

My last sewing of the costume had to do with the heart that I suspended from the center of the cage. I had this fabulous fabric in my stash- not quite sure where it came from but I only had 1/4 yard- so that tells you something about it...the color and texture was perfect.
I inserted a vintage piece of metal cord and couched a vintage cording that looks like beads around the edge of the seam.

Next week~Final Touches.
Until then...

To reach something good
it is very useful to have gone astray,
and thus acquire experience.

S Teresa of Avila

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