Friday, November 26, 2010


As many of you know every year here at ROotie StudiO, I hold a class specially created for my students as my way of saying thank you for their support throughout the year. It is a Surprise Holiday Doll Class. No one knows what this doll is going to be- it is a Surprise!
With help from my sister this year, we did all the pre-work and we put together kits for each person which holds everything they will need to make this project.

This year's Surprise Doll was an Lamb that was a Chalkware figure. Earlier this year one of my students, Irene, brought in a book from me to look over. I have heard of chalk ware and found that this could be a charming project for us to do together!

 I found this book to be a nice inspiration. My next step was finding the supplies I needed to create this wonderful project. I found a darling chocolate mold of a lamb...and starting pouring...and pouring..
Lambs drying in the sun
Then going online to find those 
special things needed...
Vintage flowers from Etsy
Velvet ribbon from Piecemakers
Flocked and Gold Painted Papers
Boxes, bows, and Baubles...

Everyone arrives at the studio to find the doll under-wraps...

We then "unveil" the doll and out emerges their project we will crate together!
The everyone finds their "gift" in the classroom area and unwraps their gift to find the pieces to assemble their creation!
Everything wrapped inside their box...

At the end of a wonderful day- 
(Marilyn missing from photo)

It isn't what you have in your 
pocket that makes you thankful,
but what you have in your heart.

I am thankful for:
  • My husband, Mark, who brings me such love, comfort, happiness, and a beautiful life!
  • My family, ever supportive, loving, and always there for me.
  • My little kitty, Issy, who brings me warmth in my heart, and giggles.
  • My students, who bring me happiness in their encouragement, creativity, support, and love.
  • My friends, who bring me laughter, love, companionship, and the closeness of being family.
  • Little Frances and my new great-niece Kayal, who bring me fortune in being a part of her sweet lives.
  • My dollmaking- no explanation needed!

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