Friday, December 10, 2010

Mexico and Friends

As you know, I have just returned from our annual dive trip to Cozumel, Mexico. Mark and I have been going there just about 20 years.
Street View
Ocean View
I like this one best!

The agua water is beautiful and the sea life is fabulous, but I would like to talk about something equally as beautiful- the people. Over the years we have made close friends, which is not hard considering the people  are sweet and friendly. We have found they have a charming sense of humor and we cherish our friendships with them...and to share this time with our dive buddies, Candy and Mike and Bob- our 82 year old diver!

Mark and me on the boat...

Candy and me under the water...
yes my mask has pink lenses


Juan and Hades with
new little daughter
and Juan Pablo

(Strong) Juan Pablo now 5-
remember the party from last year?

Raymundo was our dive master 
for many many years.
He and Juan are good friends 
and play soccer together.

 Margarita, our maid. She has been 
at the Scuba Club since I can remember.
I have much Hello Kitty items
inter-mixed with my dive gear.
She noticed and brought me two HK!!

My partner "in crime" Francisco.
He helped me pull a funny trick on Mike.

 Mike getting even with Francisco.
Yes mine is coming later...yikes!
ok...side bar- Mike and I have had a on going "feud" for years! It all started with me adding a rubber ducky onto his tank while diving...and him retaliating with Hello Kittys! This trip I found HK TP in my bathroom-and new socks, new dancing characters a new T-shirt!!
Now for my part...let us just say the pièce de résistance was with the help of Francisco...I gave him a little plastic rubber ducky to place onto Mike's entree for our last evening...Francisco luckily was our waiter that evening and the game was on! I had confirmed with my amigo that this was happening and as Mike's chicken entree appeared- no duckie. I eyed Francisco and he whispered in my ear- it is IN the chicken. At that point all the waiters and the chef were all out (nonchalantly) waiting with guarded smiles. (Long) moments later Mike cut another piece of chicken and out popped a little duck head! Does this chicken have onions in it! No way- it is a DUCK! this point we all burst out laughing and now I await the the way Mike handled this quite well!
Needless to say we both have quite the collections...although I LOVE Hello Kitty- Mike and rubber duckies- well I think they are starting to grow on him!

Next week- Virgin of Guadalupe...
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