Saturday, January 8, 2011

Old Textures...

As I have a "new" eye out for wabi sabi things in my life...

I started to look around my studio and found some of the nicest textures. I would love share them with you to enjoy them as much as I do everyday! This is a close up view of each...and memories of each...

birdhouse from old wood
given to me by my friend Carol
I was going to take it home 
but it sits on my sewing table 
and I just love it there- 
she sews also so it reminds me of her.
my love- old bookshelf found in an old barn
my other love-Mark helped me clean and seal it!
I have been offered good money for it and 
no there is no price that is worth not having it...
oh but don't tell Mark!

old clock- doesn't work but it is beautiful!

 old velvet couch
given to me by my Mother-in-Law
now sitting in that velvet couch in the heavens.

 old chest- another great find
holds my dishes for everyone!

 old picket fence
Mark found this one for me in the trash
in our building-prize find!
 old quilt
my Mom gave it to me
old doll dress with metal embroidery
hangs above my work table- 
I look at this everyday- love it.
I found this at a doll show for $20...
been offered good money for this one too- twice.
Don't tell Mark about this one either!

Life can hand you beautiful things-
like friends and family who share wonderful things with you!
Old can be so cherished and 
speaks of many years of loving use in another's life
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