Friday, April 15, 2011

AFIC Gallery Pieces

I wanted to create something special for the upcoming Gallery Section of the AFIC Conference in OH...what to do...what to do... 

...for awhile now I have had the urge to create a doll that spoke of "being true"...someone that has precious words to tell you...wise...true.

...and I kept being drawn to my beloved stash of my vintage laces and trims...each shows the love in which it was made...from the heart.
Each piece of lace, fabric, trim tells a story...each has a past tale to tell and so, my figures were created to give you a hint of what they hold sacred in their hearts....true heart...

I wanted to create something that had a base of wood...earthy and grounded...words of wisdom  rounding the base and opposing that, use the lightest most delicate laces and pieces of treasures.



 My second piece...


  1. Leslie, those are absolutely the most beautiful dolls I've seen in a long while. I can't wait to see them up close & personal here in Columbus.

  2. Thanks Dot- I hope you love them as much I loved creating them!!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

  3. She's awesome Leslie! Simply stunning! I love her. ;-)

  4. Beautiful. Can't wait to see them and meet you at AFIC

  5. So very lovely and full of old world charm. I love it!


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