Friday, June 3, 2011


My newest class is Ruby Radish...and I thought what does a radish look like?? would it make a nice head for a doll??

So I set out to find images of radishes...beautiful ruby red radishes...

In my search, I found this fabulous recipe for green beans with radishes. I made it the other day and changed it up a bit with grilling my green beans and instead of dressing used this wonderful Tuscan herb olive oil was easy and really yummy! (Also like this olive oil as a dressing- by itself- for those of you with the yeast-vinegar sensitivities)

So...back to the doll...I needed ruby tipped fabric, so I dyed some nice wool felt using procion dyes.
I looked at the shape of the radish and had to think of it more three dimensionally. 

It took me a  few tries but finally got it! I had to have a seam down the front for needlsculpting and needed more roundness in the back, so added a gusset in the back to fill out the back of the head.

Here is the final...Ruby Radish- who ,by the way, is Pumpkin Girl's best friend!!
Pattern ready for sale Wednesday June 15th
email me to pre-order $10 + shipping.

Pumpkin Girl

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