Friday, June 3, 2011


My newest class is Ruby Radish...and I thought what does a radish look like?? would it make a nice head for a doll??

So I set out to find images of radishes...beautiful ruby red radishes...

In my search, I found this fabulous recipe for green beans with radishes. I made it the other day and changed it up a bit with grilling my green beans and instead of dressing used this wonderful Tuscan herb olive oil was easy and really yummy! (Also like this olive oil as a dressing- by itself- for those of you with the yeast-vinegar sensitivities)

So...back to the doll...I needed ruby tipped fabric, so I dyed some nice wool felt using procion dyes.
I looked at the shape of the radish and had to think of it more three dimensionally. 

It took me a  few tries but finally got it! I had to have a seam down the front for needlsculpting and needed more roundness in the back, so added a gusset in the back to fill out the back of the head.

Here is the final...Ruby Radish- who ,by the way, is Pumpkin Girl's best friend!!
Pattern ready for sale Wednesday June 15th
email me to pre-order $10 + shipping.

Pumpkin Girl


  1. These ladies are too cute - what other veggies are you thinking of? Corn, Cabbage, Tomato? Can't wait to see more.

    Sewn Seabee

  2. Both of these are adorable! Love the shoes on both!

  3. My Gals here at ROotie StudiO got so excited about these...that we decided to do a series of Veg-Head Dolls next year...and of course the patterns will be available.
    Emily Eggplant- Wanda Watermelon- who knows where this will go!

  4. OMG! Both are awesome, you rock girl! ;-)

  5. Love these dolls! I can't wait to see the series.

  6. These dolls are SOOOOOO WONDERFUL!!!

  7. Oh Leslie - Ruby Radish is fabulous!!!!! I have to have this pattern. She is adorable, especially her hand-dyed head and adorable legs & shoes.

  8. Leslie-she is so cute, she made me smile! Well, since I have already made Pumpkin Girl, I will definitely have to make Radishes. You are just so funny, crack me up. Will you also be selling the dyed felt?

  9. Yes, will be selling the hand-dyed felt and felt for hands as a kit! ;)

  10. Love your work Leslie!

  11. Darling Darling Darling... Radish Girl is out of this world wonderful...

  12. Leslie, These two are charming!



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