Friday, July 29, 2011

John C Campbell Class 2012

Many, many, many years ago...when I was first starting in dollmaking...I was at a Conference ...the whole dollmaking world was so new to me at that time, all the dolls were a new adventure...a new path.

One of the main speakers was a person who created I sat there, the marionettes were on I was also. The presentation started and the marionettes came alive!! was beautiful! 

Since then, I have been to many puppet and marionette shows- so fortunate I have been, to be able to sit in on shows in foreign countries, were I may not speak the language but the language of the art reaches everyone.

I had always wanted to make a marionette and needed to research and study this craft. I found it so interesting that it is indeed not a doll at all! The techniques infuse some of dollmaking but have techniques that hold true just to marionettes!

So now many years later, I have been able to create a marionette to share with my students.
I will be teaching this process at the John C Campbell School in NC. Together we will have a week for you to create your very own. For more info click here

 some details:

 Silk and linen hat with woven ribbon trim

mohair yarn used for hair

silk velvet for vest over-dyed for a vintage feel

linen apron with vintage woven ribbon trim

wool booties with silk ties
So I hope you can join us at JCC, it is a magical time that we have together!!

we would sure miss you if you couldn't be with us!
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