Friday, August 24, 2012

Wedding...things for Julia

Our family has two wedding this September! One is my nephew Elias to marrying his bride to be
陳淑孟 (Joyce) from Taiwan...and the wedding will be September 15th, held in Taiwan...more to come on that wedding in a later blog.

The other is my niece Julia marrying Gareth (from Ireland). They had their wedding in Ireland last summer and now are having their US ceremony here on September 1.
July 2011 has become a tradition, in most cases, that I create the veil and the garter for my neice's / nephew's weddings.
Julia's dress is most interesting being that is it made from know like those white mailing envelopes!?!

It is a beautifully made dress that she purchased last summer in Dublin...
July 2011
So it came to me to create a veil for her. I consider Julia my boho niece, very creative and always stepping outside the box. Her dress is a simple silhouette...pieced together...

This dress could handle something different than a traditional style of I thought head piece!...something in a flapper styling...I gathered my materials of tea bags, tyvek to recycle, and purchased handmade Japanese papers purchased from Kozo.
l to r: tissue thin Japanese paper, Hand applied threads in Japanese paper, tyvek, tea bags- that I later bleached.
 I thought about the design and Julia and I emailed to discuss this creation. I could be a bit more three dimensional because of the simplicity of her dress. I hand made each flower and leaf using a Japanese technique to create movement, softness and texture in the paper.
I used a pencil for my wrapping and scrunching technique! See how lovely the petal form the tea bag turns out!

Here is the end result...I will get more photos of her actually wearing the headpiece at her wedding!
I created a sturdy headband base of satin and added looped ribbons to each end. Next added petals on each end and made rose buds to start the graduation of the flower size. Made and added all the larger flowers. Filled in with individual petals, feathers, pearls, and thin satin loops.
close up
end shot of looped ribbon and rose buds surrounded by petals.
oh yes- the garter - you ask?? 
Well it has a quirky little surprise to be revealed at the wedding...

Will keep you posted on the weddings!
Now...back to making my dolls for the NIADA Conference!!!

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