Friday, May 31, 2013

JCC 2013

Just back from John C Campbell Folk School and would like to share with you my week.

As always, it is a magical experience...I just can't say it any other way except maybe through my photos!
It reaches and renews your heart...your soul...your spirit.

My doll(s) I taught this past week where student's choice of either Ling Li or Chun Woo. This is the second time I have taught this class here.
This year I had three very special students. It was really wonderful to have such a small class, it was like teaching a private class!
I now, look back at these photos and will always remember how special they all are and how special our time together was.
Rita, JoAnn, and Marty
 Every year we have a theme, it may be a song, it may be a quote...this year's was:

The Best Ever

I will have more of that to share at the end of this blog.
This year I stayed in the Little House...

House at the end of this road I walk up and down to get to the main trail.
Martin blue bird I see on my way!
I love Brasstown mornings...they are a soft awakening...the air, sun, and quietness is just soft.
Here is the trail I take to get to the dining hall then back to the Quilting Studio. For 5-6 minutes there is the stillness with the rustling of the leaves and the quiet singing of the birds...
even the ground is soft underfoot
I had to get a photo of the mossy stream bed. Coming from a high-plains desert this is a treat to see!
Every day, we all share our meals, family-style in the dining hall. It gives everyone a chance to talk, laugh, and find out what they are creating for the week.

I sing behind the plough...

Back in the our expansive studio...we have the time to create our dolls from start to finish. I love this time together because I can give my students every little thing I have in my head about the love of dollmaking.
working away..
the bodies
The bodies are created by sewing and stuffing, hand-painted eyes that are inset into a needlesculpted head with an overlay! These dolls are freestanding from the use of wire armature and properly placed weight.
JoAnn and her doll
Rita and her doll!
Marty and her doll
The group!
It is wonderful to be able to spend time on the costuming. Notice how each piece is cut  and sewn just so  to show off the design within the fabric. It really is one of those things that you have to see in person-ha!

Thank you my darling girls!

It was the Best Ever!

JoAnn, me, and the dolls working it for the camera

The Best Ever 

When I  am in the studio, I like to have great tools to work with. My sewing machines are wonderful and 20+ years old! I take care of them because they are my livelihood. Having good tools creates an environment of excellence for you to create in. Nothing crushes our creativity than having to struggle with something that just does not work with precision.

These item below are not necessarily expensive but are good and solid...


Rita brought this Rowenta travel iron with her. We set it up on the board to use during class. I was amazed that it had four of the most important things for dollmaking an iron could have!
1. Gets really hot
2. Does not automatically turn off
3. Light weight and easy to manuver into those tiny places.
4. Metal plate


These little Omnigrid 4" scissors are really the best ever. Really sharp and precise! Great for trimming down to the finest detail! I have never found any better. I also use the 8 1/2" Fabric Scissors for cutting my fine silk.

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