Friday, July 26, 2013

Doll #2 Loyal Dog

I love the idea of taking thoughtful stitches in fabric, inspired from the depths of my heart, to create with my hands a story for you filled with the symbolism and legends of ancient Chinese culture.

The Dog

I just love this Story doll's hat! The Dog...

The Loyal Dog is truthful, clever, with a strong sense of fairness and devotion. It symbolizes loyalty, open-mindedness, companionship, courage, faithfulness, watchfulness, protectiveness, and skill in the hunt.
photography: Mark Mortensen
I knew I wanted to do a traditional Chinese hat...
This Dog hat started out with the vibrant blue dupioni. I wanted the colors to reflect the playful nature of the Dog. So keeping that in mind, I chose this Chinese silk brocade magenta to accent and line the hat. I believe even the way the little flowers dance around on the fabric helped bring playfulness to this piece. Bright, colorful, and whimsical was my goal.

 Overall View:

The fabric chosen for these series is black...very traditional. I used a poi de soie  for the skirt- very stiff and holds the embroidery well. This year, I added in a textured black for the pants and the jacket.

Take note that the blue and magenta are placed as highlights as you read the doll from top of head to bottom of soles!
Doll:Jointed -posable Head from hand-sculpted clay overlaid with silk crepe.
Body armatured, silk crepe lined with cotton batiste.
Costume: For the individual costume, I choose the fabrics of 
varied silks  to bring forth the best for each piece. 


The Dog Hat Eye.
I chose vintage sequins for the eye center.
One is a silver disc and the other this great opalensence color
that paired up nicely wit the hand-dyed bias
silk ribbon lashing around the eye.

In designing the hat, I wanted perky round ears, I mimicked this shape around the edge of the hat opening that will frame the face - front view seen further below.
To help define this shape, I also top-stitched following the line of the ear and of the round hat base.

 I wanted a happy tail, so I added a hand-made sprightly tassel to the tip. Also, I little pink tongue, that says I have just been bounding out and about!
Detailing of face. 
Close up of hand painted eyes.
Seeing my painted eyes in a full computer screen showing ALL the details-
This is when wearing two pair of reader glasses, to see every paint stroke I make, pays off!
Here, you can also see how the round hat shape frames the face.

Close up of jacket with vintage fabric and stone closure.

I thought this Chines blue brocade with the medallions
worked nicely to anchor the whimsy of the hat.
Magenta silk repeats itself in the shoe lining and
hat lining fabric was used for the soles.

The Dog

Among the Chineseanimal zodiac, Dog individuals are the most humanitarian. To the Chinese, Dogs represent justice and equality. These are the givers in life, prepared to sacrifice their own dreams, ambitions and desires for the sake of others, particularly for those they love.
 Fiercely loyal to those they love, Dogs are ever ready to jump to the defense of any member of their family or friends who is being attacked by either word or deed. They have a penchant for championing the underdog. Born with an innate sense of decency and a need for equilibrium in a chaotic world, Dogs strongly denounce injustice and wrongdoing, generously giving useful and effective advice to those around them. Their warmth, empathy and genuine interest in others win them many close friendships.
 Dogs inspire confidence in others, and the confidence is justified. They will always do their utmost for others, and their dedication can go to the point of sacrifice. Dog people deserve to be held in the highest esteem. 
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