Friday, September 20, 2013

Alma Benita ~3

Continuing on with Alma's story and how she came to be...

From here I would like to cover the Cage skirted Santos and talk a bit about Clothing.

Originally, these "dolls" where once upon a time found in Portugal and Spain, Santos cage dolls were used in Catholic religious processions —frequently dressed in elaborate gowns and crowns. The cage body was traditionally used to display photographs and flowers to represent celebrations.
Most of the cage dolls were dressed and redressed for the occasion, that is why today you mostly may find an antique piece without clothing.

Cage skirted pieces are very popular in today's world. I am sure that if you shop for home decor, you have seen them.
Even as reproductions, some are quite lovely. 

I loved them from the first time I saw them so many,many years ago. What I saw was a reproduction and it stood about 3 feet high. My class and I were walking back from lunch down in the neighborhood of my studio. As we walked we spotted that cage skirted figure in the window and immediately we all started to talk of a class to create on of these beauties!

SOoo, my Santos Maria was created!
read more here for the blog postings are how this piece was created!

My goal was to translate the wood to cloth. I wanted the jointing the be reproduced in some way. And I wanted her to be partially dressed but still be able to see her lovely cage!
 Cages for my classes hand-made by Gary Leitch

 I wanted that serene face and the painted hair and eyes!

These dolls were used in Catholic religious processions and were often elaborately dressed in beautiful gowns and topped with crowns.
These dolls would occupy a place of prominence in the home of a wealthy person or chapel.
I especially LOVE this one below...the colors the faces- mmmm!

Another with an interesting dress...
could this of been put on her are a later time?

While this one below is not the most beautiful
it is probably a male and probably symbolizes a saint!
I  do love the weathered color of this gown! Aged to perfection.

So far we have covered in design from very simple wood pieces to these elaborate clothing.

Next week, I will be discussing The Madonna and my personal Heritage and you will see how this   all  will start to tie together!

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