Friday, February 7, 2014

Flying Phoebes ~ Ling & Chun

Flying these days can be at best torturous...we all know that.

With my recent trip to San Fran to teach the Flying Phoebes Doll Group, the angels were with me, I was pointed into the pass perk line coming and going- so didn't have to remove or take anything out of my bag, and while flying had a delightful conversation with a gal- Ruth coming in.
Only to be meet at the airport by Colleen, my host, and my dear friend of 20+ years, Christine Shively, who to my delight, was in my class!

I taught my dolls Chun Woo and Ling Li-Hua ...right in keeping with the New Year.
Christine and I stayed with Colleen (in her comfy home) on the campus of Stanford - what a treat!

What a pleasure it was to come and enjoy teaching this talented group. They all worked very hard and 99% finished their dolls. Hurray!
Thank you for the doll photos Donna
Here are their darling dolls:

And here are the proud (and they should be) makers 
at the paparazzi photo shoot!

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