Friday, March 28, 2014

Lucky Rabbit Pincushion!!


Lucky Rabbit

Symbol of love, fertility, vigilance. The Rabbit is very lucky in love. The Rabbit survives by its wits and is a quick thinker.

He is often associated with timidity and fear. This can remind us to move forward despite our fears and use our intuition and our heart to get through difficult situations.

In making these Lucky Rabbit Pincushions for many years, I have been able to sort though my precious scrap fabrics and pull out combos that are just for the fun of it! I have made many, many of these little ones and have loved every minute of making them.

Now, after many years, I thought that it was time to break out HURRAY! and release the pattern for you through Dollmakers Journey...
 Lucky Rabbit Pincushion is an expression Leslie’s love of Japanese Zakka -small objects made with care. These 4” x 4” projects can be made by mixing and matching  fun cottons. Leslie uses recycled vintage kimono fabrics and contemporary Japanese cottons.
...the artistry of Japanese craftsmanship is most evident. No matter how small, a gift from fabric is the most intimate gift I can give. It is made with the hands, but the good wishes it carries come only from the heart. ~Sudo

Keeping within this mindset, I like to use the time to thoughtfully pick out the fabric for the body and enhance it by choosing carefully the ear and base fabrics. Most of the pincushions I have made have gone as gifts or as something to sell to others*. I know there are many out there bringing happiness to others!
I have made ones that are white-rice and ones that are brown-chocolate.  You can use other colors- it will be your rabbit and your colors!

Here are some of the few that I have made for your own inspiration.

SHARE your bunnies photos with me~ email here

*this pattern is for personal use only.

OHHHH! They're multiplying!

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