Friday, November 7, 2014

Mind and Heart

Hello dear Readers,
My dollmaking path has always been made clear to me. Not that I always leapt right away onto that foretold path, but I feel very fortunate that it has always been envisioned to me.

Journey of Growth...

I am so very fortunate that I get to spend most of my adult life creating beautiful things for others to experience in a class or as their very own piece of art. I am so grateful for all the years that I have had with my dear students not only in teaching them things that I created but in that time of being spurred onward to develop my own talents to be the best I could be as an artist.

Doll and Hat Photography: Mark Mortensen
goldfish story hat
goldfish story hat- back tails


Time to listen...

For a few years, my mind has been speaking very loudly to my heart that it is time to take some time off from teaching group classes* to create those things that are in my is about finding a known but personally untapped path and in having the courage to act on this vision. To find a deeper meaning in this work that I do with textiles.
 * I will still be teaching private lessons

close up of Goldfish Story Doll



I have been spending this past 6 months or so sharing with you my concepts and development within my dolls. I love this train of thought and wish to explore this within myself for the next year to see where it will take my art.


Self Discovery... 

It is with great peace and enthusiasm that this will be a time of self discovery.
And...I wish to share my continued dollmaking and new pieces with you as my mind, spirit, and heart will meet.

Goldfish Story Doll


  1. Thank you Leslie. I love your words of inspiration as well as your wonderful dolls.

  2. Thank you for sharing your art and a bit of your world. Yes, you are a great inspiration and your dolls are just STUNNING!

  3. Dear Leslie, what a lovely idea. Your introspection always speaks to me. WE all need beauty. And pursuing truth expressed through beauty is a high calling.

    I am looking forward to sharing your journey,


  4. Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey tthat you and your beautiful dolls are about to undertake

  5. The gods will lead you just where you need to be, my beautiful friend, and THAT will result in great joy, wonderful memories, and art that takes the breathe away.
    Love, hugs, and prayers, Pat


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