Friday, January 2, 2015

Little Angels

This year for handmade gifts I made Little Angels.

It started with a Pin from Pinterest that my cousin, Mary, commented on from our board Marles Le'Mar...   "I would love to have these!"      hummm...

I looked high and low for something sweet like this but found nothing..and then *bing* it came to me- make them!

And so I did...

Here are basic general directions.

Body: Clothespins with flat feet
Base: Round clothespin base 
Head: Dowel Caps 1 1/4" with 5/8” opening
Arms: 12" Pipe cleaner cut in half - wrap the arms with skin color embroidery floss DMC #738
Craft Paint: Tan with a yellow undertone for Head and Neck, Hair Colors, Metallic White for Legs and Base, Black for eyes, and Magenta for lips.
Dress:  Fancy paper cupcake liners
Bow:  8 inches of a ½” wide ribbon
Wings and star halo: premade- purchased at a craft store added glitter.
         Tacky glue, Varnish 

Glue on head. Filling in gap around neck with glue.
After head is dry glue base to feet area.

Paint face and neck area with tan paint.
Paint legs metallic white.
Draw hair line with pencil
Paint hair with chosen paint.
Paint two dots for eyes. Add one lash at sides.
Paint one dot for lips.
Let all paint dry thoroughly. Gloss varnish over all painted areas.
While bodies are drying add glitter with glue to wings and stars.
Set aside to dry.
side note- I ended up adding glitter fully to both sides of the wings.

Cupcake liners.
Cut down to appropriate length and that fits full around body.
Gather around top edge with thread.
Add glitter to bottom edge.
pictured with 4mm silk ribbon
Gather skirt and glue to body.
When dry push up on paper skirt to create waistline.
Cut pipe cleaner to 5 ¼” long.
Fold over 1/8” at each tip to create hands.
Wrap embroidery floss around stem and glue to secure into place.

Glue arms at back at line between white and skin tone paint.
For sleeves, wrap scrap cupcake liner around arm and secure with glue.

Secure wings with glue.
You may lay the doll face down to let wings dry without slipping.

Glue star halo with doll face down to dry in place.

Final touch- glue sweet bow.

While I was writing this blog, I took a closer look at the box of angels and noticed in the far lower left corner a little angel that looks like a clothespin angel! HA!

 Words to live by for 2015...

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