Friday, January 23, 2015

Xìngfú- Happiness PT 3

Behind the Scenes!

After I have spent weeks and weeks creating these one of a kind pieces with my heart and soul, I feel it so necessary to have an archive of my work.  It is my life's work and calling.

Knowing the importance of this and to be able to share these pieces with you through my blog, website, publications, presentations, or entrance to an exhibit- I have them professionally photographed.
Many have asked Why don't you take your own photographs? Well, I do take snap shots of my process that are reminders to myself.

I am not a photographer- I am a textile artist. Our work is important. I want people to recognize my talent as an artist in the world of textiles and I respect that the world of photography is way outside my technical expertise. 

I found Mark Mortensen by lucky accident working down the street from my old studio. He has the eye, things that I can't see as a 3-D artist. 

This is His Art.

I finish a piece, make an appointment and I head out to Mark. Sometimes one doll sometimes many. 

Before I arrive he spends about an hour to an hour and half getting the set just right. He has notes on the setting of each of my dolls.

I arrive and unpack my doll and place her in her exact spot.

"We" take a few test shots to see if the positioning, coloring and lighting as well as the gradation of the back drop are to our liking.

We spend the most time on this part of the process to make certain everything is just I do when I create my doll...attention to those details!
I love the fact that he has a separate pad that we can look at the see how the actual image will look.

Adjustments are made and we are off and running...or shooting!

Mark takes images of the doll first in a 360* shooting. I use about 3-5 of these images the rest are for my archive (or memory of what I did!).

Then he zeros in on the details...

This above photo of Mark taking Happiness give you this...

images sent to me

I take his most lovely image and
 enhance the edging for my blog
 I chose to crop this for detail
and add text

The image above of Mark also give you these...that I cropped and edged.


I would never ever be able to get the color, clarity, or composition that he gets! Kind of sounds like a diamond doesn't it!??

When you spend the up front financial obligation purchasing the right fabrics, the physical and emotional time to create your surely want to follow through with the best of photographer you can afford.

I am thankful that I found the right match in my photographer, Mark, who gets my work and is able to capture my art and emotion through his art!


I received this photo of Julie's Mother in the skirt from 1952. 
This fabric was used for the dress upper section!

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