Friday, February 13, 2015

The Seahorse and the Hare #2


Harry-Wind in my Hare©: Leslie Molen
Photography©: Mark Mortensen
Working photos by Leslie

Part of creating a piece is what I want to say..the story...without any words. 

When I teach my wonderful students, I find this one of the hardest concepts to capture.

My best advice is to make it clear and simple- be direct...very direct.

I conceptualize my story. I am not one to draw out what I am going to create in my 3-dimensional piece. IF I do it is a quick stick drawing. For me, it clutters my thought process with that 2-dimensional story.

So, I start out with my concept...a rabbit, scuba diver, and what is his focus?? Something from the ocean...something special.

Garnered from my own experience of diving, finding a seahorse is a BIG deal! They are champions of blending into their environment. Everyone is so excited and surprised when we finally find one...perfect- a seahorse.

So out my supplies come. 
For the head:
DAS clay and a styrofoam egg.


I also may need a surprised my hunt on the internet pursues...

isn't this image wonderful!?!?

So I translate this darling into a rabbit...add some fabric, paint, wired ears...I'm not going to delve in too much about the techniques. I want to get across about being direct and clear in your message- your story.

and come to this...

Now, we need to have him positioned to a focal point so your eye is looking to where he is looking...

It is about the relationship between him and the seahorse...he is looking at the seahorse and the seahorse it looking back at him...

And since we are working 3-dimensionally...let's look at it from all angles...


and even from the top

They are connected- each in their own delight and surprise!
That is the direct simple story- the connection of surprise.

Close up of the Hare.

I will share that the head is sculpted from DAS and overlaid with panne velvet. I cut away each eye, nose and mouth areas to expose the clay and then paint directly into the clay for each. 

Chalk shading is delicate around the painted nose area. I make little holes while the clay is wet so I can come back later and insert the (horsehair whiskers) thought the velvet.

Side note: Isn't Mark's photography fabulous in its detail? wow-ser!

And so, as I stated in last weeks #1 posting link here, no need for more that just the wetsuit and a and simple.

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