Friday, March 6, 2015

Peace Within 安内 PT 1

Peace Within
Ān nèi

My client and I had discussed the doll she wanted and I asked about colors...fall/autumn- burnt oranges. I asked about deep plum. She loved it!

While I was out teaching in CA, I came across this piece of Aubergine colored silk brocade. It was just a scrap, but just the inspiration I was looking for! I love how that happens in my journey of my art!
So out came my personal stash of fabrics...many of these are vintage pieces.
I decided on the creamy brocade to contrast and bring balance to the dark aubergine.

I would like to share with you my concept of color for this doll and why I choose the colors for Peace. 

So I started with the aubergine, it is neither red nor purple nor brown...but a mix of all three. As you can see it is not in the traditional color wheel but somewhere squeezed in between! I love working with the in between colors.

Let's look at a color wheel that hold the in between colors...not a true red, blue, green, or yellow.

If I was to use the traditional contrasting color it would

Let's look a a color wheel with values as 100% being the heaviest in saturation of color and 10% being the lightest. 
For contrast, in Peace, I decided to use contrast in values as my balance instead of saturated color.

From there I decided to bring in a triad (three) of color...
Then came in with light accent of soft green (analogous -next door to-the aqua) and gold (analogous to the orange). 

So, if we look at this we can see:
#1 the two contrast colors as the foundation. white X's
#2 The oranges as out triad. black X's
#3 Lightly accented with analogous colors of soft green and gold. 
  grey X's

Let's take a look a her to see how this is put into a balance of the costuming with color holding its place as we read the doll from head to toe. You will see a repetition of secondary colors as the two #1 colors create the foundation. Gold is in only two place at the head and the pant border.

Next week~ The costuming as it came together!


  1. Wow! I am thinking that it was easier to have the fabric choices in front of me; walk around it for a couple days before taking away the color that don't "sing" together. Pin the remaining colors in some natural light and then choose the best "song" that expresses how I'm feeling! So what you described is what my brain is really doing? Lol, of course I'm just joking but seriously I will read this again and again, thankful that you take time to explain the complicated process of the color wheel. I know the more one works with the wheel, the easier it is to use. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You are a wonderful teacher.❤❤ your art!

    1. Thank you for your comment Pamela. Truly, I bet that is what you are doing without even realizing! I think we, as artist, have an intuitive feel for what we are doing.
      I believe that the more you know "why" your are doing it that more you can "what" you want!

  2. Oh, my gosh, this dear wee girl has no idea of the science and artistry behind her creation. You are incredible, and I will bet that her new "parents" are thrilled with the beauty you have brought to life.
    I am, as usual, amazed!

  3. Hope this is not a duplicate post. Thank you for sharing this Leslie! I think even if we pick up on one new bit of information and use it, it can really help us stretch and grow. I often choose complemtary colors but have never intentionally worked with a triad. I will have to try it!


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