Friday, October 9, 2015

Butterfly Charm Girl Part 3: Color Balance

Last week, I shared with you Value Balance- which about the lightness or darkness within your color palette.

This week I would like to bring both of these together since I used color and neutrals in my Butterfly Charm Girl.

I usually like to use a triad of color- three. Here instead I brought in the neutral of grey as my foundation piece of fabric as her jacket.

From the grey I can spring board off in to any color combo.

If we take the color wheel and remembering our amount of value you can see I chose almost opposing colors of purple and gold in a medium value.

So my triad of color and neutral will be gold, purple and grey within the same value.

Let's expand a bit more and look at black and white being part of this equation, as in her skin tone and her hair color.

When you read a doll you start at the top and work your way down. Taking all this lets look at her and see how it all balances out adding in the neutrals.

I like to take this a step further, since she is a three dimensional pieces- where else can I add color??
Under skirt as lining,the soles of her shoes, and the pants lining!

I love adding this bit of surprise into my pieces! I discovered this from studying the Japanese and Chinese cultures of how they use color in their costuming.

Now we can take her and with this information you can look at her in the round and see who the colors not only moves from top to bottom but also around the piece.

My hope in these last two postings that I have helped you with expanding your thoughts on color using the value scale and using neutrals.

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