Friday, November 13, 2015

Wind in My Hare PT 2 Costume

Costuming for a Hare!
I thought about this piece and decided to do him a bit more traditional in his clothing...wools and silk...leather boots...and of course shiny skates!
Photography: Mark Mortensen
First, I would like to talk about the jacket fabric.
I selected this great plaid wool. As we look at it here this is very traditional in the colors and in the view of the plaid.
So, this rabbit is all about whimsy, so I turned the fabric on it's side so it reads more as an argyle pattern...this, I feel, takes way the seriousness of the plaid!

Then I lined it with a bright pop of red settled against the woven silk shirt.
Then added movement to the jacket so it is flying in wind!

Pants are from a lightweight wool that have a nice vertical cut pinstripe to match up with the vertical squared of the silk shirt.

Boots and Skates
The boots are from leather with linen ties and bottom linen soles.

As I have stated many times, I feel when you are creating an original piece, it is essential that you make as much of each part of the creation as possible! The skates are from metal pieces and parts. 

Here is Wind in the round! 
Please note his positioning and movement of clothing of being free in the wind skating along!

Next Week:

~Wind in Detail

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