Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fabrics from around the World!


Many of you ask where I get my fabrics...and yes, part of it is all about connections!

But not any ordinary connection...

As we grow as artist, we become very particular in our supplies that we use...your eye becomes more defined as your work progresses...

...I have noticed of late that I am on a spiritual path with my work. The beauty of art is that there is no limit you are always growing!

I have long surpassed the "10,000 hours" to gain your "masterdom" in technique and it is very important to me to share my spirituality in my pieces with you.

Out in the World

I have my “international buyers – Asian division” that traveled to India and to Malaysia this year. This year, I wanted fabrics that were more subdued for the linings on my new line of handbags. Other fabrics are purchased locally, as I travel, or online - which can sometimes be tricky navigating a Japanese website!

So this could be a daunting mission to send someone out into the world and bring back something that is workable! Luckily, I have found the understanding/connection with Julie and Kirk. They have a great eye and are spot on with my requests!

Last time was brights with metallic threads in India read more here

I am well known for my Asian influence in my work...but I do mix culture's fabrics depending on what speaks to me for the piece I am creating...for I am not replicating but being soulfully inspired.

Julie and Kirk are great travelers and bring back not only great fabrics, but also photos of the places where they purchased these wonderful fabrics.


Photo is where they purchased the Indian fabrics in Cochin:


I wanted subdued tones of blue and grey- this was a great accomplishment from a tropical climate!

Photo of Julie doing batik.

Fabrics in Malaysia.

It is with great gratitude that these two actually travel to the places to buy some of my fabrics!!

And now..what will become of these fabrics??? 

They will find their place...their my creations!!

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