Friday, June 23, 2017

Mind, Body, & Soul

Some of you have asked...I know that you went through a tremendous life change...

I know to many of you it seemed quite quickly but it was years in the making with hard work and great help to find my true self... more in that here.

I have discovered that it IS all about working on yourself as a whole- but not all at the same time- that is way too overwhelming.

My hope is that I can share my life walk to help  you in some way. This is how my path went and yours is your own to discover. We are here to become our best whole selves.

Here are my thoughts on what worked for me- you can take the basic concept and create your own version...if you so choose.
This was the hardest and incredibly deep step for me...but it is what gave me the clarity to set up my whole life as it is today. Yes, I am very fortunate that through my intense life challenges, it was the help of a really good therapist. She was able to help me understand my behavior and coping patterns with solid support and safety with in her. I know that it is very very difficult to face your own self head on and work through these to become clear...and it is not for everybody, but for me it worked (and still does). It does save time but for many of you, you may be able to work through your challenges on your own...but for me I needed all the help I could get. She saved my life. period.

I am now able to see very clearly who and what fits into my finally be my true self without restrictions.

During and some still today, I experienced very real anxiety. For me, I needed to physically move.
I started with walking...walking. I still hold this practice every morning. I use it as a meditative time to notice the beauty around me- to get out of my head- to get out of my own way. I set a fairly slow pace (for the fast walker that I am.) It is not about exercise, it is about being in the fresh air and nature...and just being.

It is definitely a self care practice...and if I don't do it, I notice my whole day is off. I will get up at whatever time or weather (my cut off for cold is anything below 9*F) to make certain that I have that time for myself...and I do it by myself- for me. I walk everyday.

From there I was able to start practicing yoga. I don't hold the religious beliefs but do hold the exercise and mindfulness beliefs. I do yoga at least 4 times a week. I need the movement.

Finally, my darling man, started my love with kickboxing. It is a bad a** practice and yes, it stretches you not only physically but for me mentally since I live in my right brain, I find boxing very mathematical and very left brain. Balance. I box once to twice a week.

Another benefit from having a strong body it gives you a strong mind
Since I push my physical strength, it can't help but push my artistic strength!

For me daily movement is very very necessary. I do something everyday. That is my balance.
You will find the right one for yourself.

I feel that a spiritual belief is very important...and over time, I have found that your own belief will speak to you.
For me, I have found that when I am in conflict with my thoughts, it is my soul (my God, my Universe) that is telling me that I am not in connection. My soul wants only the best for me and if I am not in alignment (that uneasy feeling) it is time that I take a step back and look at what IS the best direction to take. I know when my soul settles and there is a very real peace.
This is where my walks help my soul...the benefit of walking it out relaxes my body to give my soul the quiet it needs to be heard.

Mind Body Soul. 

I found that to do this right for me, I needed all three to be pushed hard to get to find my true self and now with this I can create a beautiful life with my love, my cherished friends and cousin, and my soul being able to speak clearly through my art.

I wish only the best for all of you in finding your true self. My heart is with you all.

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