Saturday, September 14, 2019

Bee: The Gift Part Two

Hello my Dearest Readers,
As I mentioned in last week's post I always start with the symbolism and inspiration from the actual creature! 
I thought this below bee image was just perfect. It shows each part of a bee's body so clearly!

If you missed last weeks post find it here BEE: THE GIFT  Part One



Not sure how it happened...over the years of working and creating, silk has become my go to fabric. Not from a definitive choosing but from a this fabric will do what I need it to do to create my project in it's fullest.
It is strong yet delicate. Brilliant in color and can be dyed or distresses to show age.
In can be very shear to heavy. 
Different weaves give it different shininess...and it dyes heavenly.

I love using a linen-weave silk for my bodies. It has a slight nubby texture as linen would have and a beautiful mat finish.

Costumes vary all over place depending on what the fabric needs represent to how it will hold it's shape.

The Bee and how the fabrics relate to it

As I studied the Bee abdomen, which would be the skirt. I noticed a bit of a shine to it.
SOooo...when I came across this silk...I knew it was a definite meant to "BEE"...

Coming back to my studio, I went through my other fabrics and chose these as companions and adding in the right fuzziness for the torso area!

I had been "saving" the Chinese silk brocade with the print for that special project... but really what was I waiting for? when was I going to use it!?
I purchased it for dolls and how can I share it with others if it sits in my box of "warm colored silks"??
Now was the time...

Next, I wanted to mimic the segments of the bee's abdomen area.
And bringing in some design concepts, the skirt/abdomen was to be shorter in front to see her legs and longer in back so the viewer can see that gorgeous Chinese brocade. If I using it, I might as well show it off!

I stabilized her skirt is to hold it's shape and added darts in the lower back segment to create a roundness., as a bee abdomen curves inward.
Below- the skirt is tried on to see that it is fitting and flowing to my concept.

After the skirt was placed on her and all fit according to plan, I hand-sewed the back together.

She needed a fuzziness around her upper torso. I appliqued the dyed fur to her upper area.
Side note: I used alcohol inks to dye the fur for a more (uncontrolled) organic feel.

I had one strip left...and it had to be for her hair.
As I placed it on her head, it so rocked as a Mohawk! And with those eyes, of course, that is what she would be sporting!

I wanted her to be retreating from a flower with her "gift of pollen".

I cut and tore many colors of strips of the bright magenta silk family to create her skirt border flower. I added in frayed silk between the skirt and the flower to represent the yellow stamen of a dahlia flower.
AND it played off the Chinese lining!
Image result for magenta flower dahlia

Of course...bee in what they are...bringing together community, still have stingers...
So nestled within her flower petals is...

So here she waits for her finally, take flight to bring back her gift to share with her community!
Funny... at this point she has a bit of a forlorn look in her eyes...not to worry as she is completed-that will change to more of an all knowing.

And that my dearest ones, is the beauty and magic of art...the beauty of letting it emerge as it wants to be and having it's own voice...not controlled.


Next Week
She takes FLIGHT!

Bee: The Gift  
Price upon request.

Wall mounted piece 34 inches from Mohawk to Flower tip.
Clay sculpted Head overlaid with linen weave silk.
Body in Linen weave silk.
All hand-dyed with alcohol inks.
Costume- All Silk.

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