Wednesday, October 16, 2019

LadyBug: Part One

“The Ladybug is a symbol of taking action on your dreams, 
as she is related to gardens, her very presence represents planting the seeds of your dreams. 
Water it, give it sunshine and gratitude, and it will grow.”


I'm not sure how the Ladybug became one of my favorites to create over all these years. She has turned out to be one of my first dolls I created in my one of kinds...(she was one I had in my portfolio for my NIADA entrance).
Here's a post from years previously on Ladybug's Growth (as well as my own as an artist and in 2015 the start of my personal journey!)
Link here
I thought it was time to expand...this Ladybug is more elegant than I have every made. 

I find inspiration comes in many forms...a word, a fabric, a discussion. Being open is the key!

It started with a beautiful black silk fabric as my inspiration...along with -what I thought as a perfect- spotted batik cotton.
The cut out will work great with the red behind it. More costuming next week!


Since this is a Workshop, I will not cover all the details because it would take many many postings...and how am I to share and communicate these detailed techniques if you don't have me there with you in some form?

I designed this specifically- where the supplies/materials would be accessible now matter if you are taking this from me personally or online you will be able to find the supplies. 
Note: In the Workshop, I also discuss the "Supplies in Detail". I feel the more knowledge you have about working with your tool at hand the better dollmaker you will be!
She starts with being sewn together in a white bleached muslin and printed cotton fabric, stuffed, needlesculpted and her hand-painted eyes inserted into her beautiful face!

Next her body is painted with a base of any skin-tone you would like!

The final several painting steps are adding the detailing of color and lace edging- in just the right places!
You can see how fabulous the black silk and red batik will be as her costume!!

More to come next week in Costuming...

If you are interested in more information or the upcoming Online Workshop link here!

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