Friday, April 17, 2009


Artists Trading Card made for a ROotie Class

Ladybugs are a symbol of fire and the Sun. Folklore says that if one lands on your clothing, you will wear a wedding dress soon! If it settles on your skin or hair- good fortune will pay a visit- you will have as many months good luck as the ladybug has spots. A ladybug with seven spots is a Fairie's pet, you can make three wishes before it flies away!

I am not sure when I started loving Lady bugs. I believe it was when I started making the Charm Girl series. I loved the colors I was creating with and the folklore legends of good luck associated with Lady bugs.

Ladybug Charm Girl TM and
her gourd with enameled Lady bug charm...

Since that time, Lady bugs have shown their sweet presence to me in so many various my elevator in the building where I live (in the middle of downtown Denver!?!) my room at the John C Campbell Folk places I just would not expect!

Here are a few from my collection- many given to me by my husband and dear friends!

My coin purse and cellphone case from family...

Little jeweled piece with wings that open & felt pincushion...

My darling Steiff fuzzy bug from a friend...


  1. I love ladybugs too. Did Rootie go looking for ladybug dots? Or was it pokidotty that went looking for dots? This is one great blog!

  2. Leslie you have one very nice blog!


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