Monday, April 13, 2009

How to leave a Comment

Hello Everyone-
I have several people who visit my blog and wish to leave a comment- with no luck!
I have changed the "comment" format to a page that I believe is now easier to read.

Here is a quick "How to"...
You will see at the bottom of each blog

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1. Click on 0 comments and that will take you to the comment page. On the right side there is a box to

2. Leave your Comment
type in your message and you can leave your name at the end if you wish!
Below the comment box it says

3. Choose your identity
You can choose Anonymous at the very bottom of the list.
Click on the circle next to it.

4. Then Publish your comment You can also preview your comment to make certain you like the way it looks and then Publish it.

I would LOVE to here from you (even a "hi there") and
know you are out there reading my blog!!
Remember you are My Sunshine!

For more info please see this link!

Also new- notice the handy envelope "e-mail" symbol next to comment- You can now email that blog to your friends by simply clicking on the "envelope"!
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