Friday, June 19, 2009

Tweet- A Funny Thing...

This is in addition to my usual Friday blog...
see today's post below- Sailor's Valentine

I thought that I would share this with you. I was driving home last night and had my car windows open enjoying the nice day and the sounds of the little birds singing.
I came to a stop light and thought "My...that sounds like there is a little bird in my car!" "Oh" I continued in thought "it is just the little birds outside...they know better than to get into my car!"

I got closer to the highway that I take home and rolled up my windows (for the noise). And there it was "Squeak...tweet...squeak" right in my car!

Being the animal lover that I am-I pulled off onto a vacant lot and jumped out of my car to rescue this little creature...hmmm, no sound. I got back into my car and there was the sound again "squeak...tweet...squeak". Where the heck was that little bird sound coming from??

I looked over at my passenger seat and started to laugh...there was my lunch bag...I opened my bag and there was the sound. It was my thermos that was leaking air with a "squeak" and a "tweet"!

So silly!!

Hey, the day I stay home all the fun happens!
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