Friday, June 26, 2009

Rabbit...Rabbit...White Rabbit

I just love the lore and legends of rabbits...I have several books on this subject. Actually I have several books on several subjects-period!
Here is one folk saying I like to share with you...

“Rabbit rabbit white rabbit” is a common superstition, held particularly among children. The most common modern version states that a person should say “rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit” upon waking on the first day of each new month, and on doing so will receive good luck for the remainder of that month.

I am designing some dolls for a gallery here in Colorado in Paonia, which is in the Rocky Mountains and south and west of Aspen. The Glennie Coombe Gallery is my friends', Susie and her husband. They purchased a library building and have been busily refurbishing it to hold a gallery and an ice cream shop!

Of course how could I not make rabbits! These rabbits will have cloth bodies with clay heads and hands. When complete I will make certain to share the photos with you!

Here are some photos of the process for the rabbit heads...

Step 1: Heads sculpted using DAS stone clay

Step 2: Eyes painted Step 3: Armatured ears added Step 4: First part of coloring

Step 5: Stained Step 6: Wax Overlay to seal

Next week the completed rabbit dolls!
Until then...

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