Friday, July 3, 2009

White Rabbits- Soul Stitches

When I first started this blog my intent was to take time to stop and take the time to notice the simple beauty in life. I should of realize at that moment that I was telling myself of what was to come... slow down and take the time. With some recent health concerns I have had to slow down and this has actually been a blessing!

While creating these rabbits (in my "new" slower state) the joy of dollmaking has returned to me. I have found a parallel with my health and my dollmaking- both are both a concerted effort. I have taken the time to re-learn (and still working on it!) how to enjoy or "stroll " through the journey instead of a break-neck pace through to the completion of the process.

With this effort, I have now been able to experiment with some new techniques and time to think about what I want to communicate to you, the viewer, with these dolls.

All in all dollmaking has always been a part of my DNA- a gifted instinct- working on creating these dolls has helped me realize just that...they are stitches from my soul...
Soul Stitches

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