Friday, October 16, 2009

The Gossips

Many years a land not so far away...
I created these dolls- The Gossips. They have given me a sense of joy every time I look at them. I remember clearly when I first thought of them in Arches National Park in Utah...inspired by the rock formations of the same title.

I have been working with my web-guy, Brandon, in the ever evolving process of updating my website at ROotie StudiO to have more new patterns and have the ease of PayPal...hopefully to be completed before the end of the year!

But for right now~ I am excited to host my own on-line class of- who else- but The Gossips!

I am very happy that this will give me the capability to reach out to so many more of you who cannot make it to my classes here at ROotie or in my classes that I travel to!
For more information on the Gossips and the Class click here!

I will keep you posted for future ROotie On-Line Classes!

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