Friday, December 18, 2009

Ballerina Frances

This past Sunday, a group of "Aunties and Uncles" along with Frances' parents went to enjoy a Winter Ballet Recital performed by various ages.It was held at the Newman Center on the campus of University of Denver- very posh!

Our beloved Frances was the fourth group to show their talent! It was so darling- I was taking photos (no flash allowed) as fast as I could...tears in my eyes and laughter in my heart!
Frances on far right end

our prima ballerina!

As I sat back for just a moment, I noticed the people in the audience around me- they all were mesmerized- it was in that moment where sweet innocence made it's appearance and touch each and everyone there. It was special!

Mommy! I have the prettiest dress!

Flowers for the Ballerina from Auntie Mary Lou

After the recital we were all invited over for lunch, it was nice to all be together as "family".

One tired princess after her recital!

After a nap, Frances is good to go with a celebration princess cake!

Frances with Mama & Papa

Life really is good for Frances
and for us all!

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