Friday, April 16, 2010

Buds & French Knots

During my February teaching visit at Piecemakers in CA, one of my students graced me with a generous gift of a scissor fob...something you put on the end of your scissors to identify them as your own.
As I took a close look at this beautiful strawberry and all its tiny blue French knots, it reminded me of tiny little buds...
...especially this time of year when the tender buds are just starting to show.

cherry blossoms down the street from my studio

This little strawberry was just too precious to end up dangling off my many of you know my scissors are working scissors and I tend to use them as multi-functional tools.
So...I hung it on my sewing chair and I can enjoy it from anywhere in my work area!


  1. Wow! What a nice gift. Your students seem to really care about you.
    Hopefully one day I can take a class with you.

  2. Love your blog Leslie. You are working on some great projects and they all look wonderful. Keep up the good work!


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