Friday, May 7, 2010

Cage Skirt Doll- Step 1

Like many of you, I have always found a fascination with dolls and caged skirts...the skirt may be an old bird cage...something from metal... or maybe- wood, or a found object. They may vary from a simple Santos- style, to a Flemish dress form, to an altered piece with kitschy embellishments.

A Simple Santos it is my time to create a doll with a cage skirt.

I found a fantastic woodworker to make the wooden skirts for me. I have sculpted a face..and picked out my fabrics (which may change as this process evolves)...I have my basic concept of the costuming and I will be off and running...well- sewing.
my face sculpt- still drying

the beautifully-made wooden cage

my fabric choices
from vintage sheer, linens,cottons, to velvets
Note: I chose a blue palette related to the antique Santos to depict
peace, tranquility, calm, stability, harmony, unity, and trust.

So please join in and enjoy this process with me
for the month of May.
Each week I will will lead you through
this adventure of creativity...

A Little History of Santos Cage Dolls
Vintage Santos with covered skirt

Once upon a time found in Portugal and Spain, Santo(s) cage dolls were used in Catholic religious processions —frequently dressed in elaborate gowns and crowns. The cage body was traditionally used to display photographs and flowers to represent celebrations. For centuries, Santos figures have been a symbolic bridge between earth and heaven.

All things must come to the soul
from its roots, from where it is planted.

S. Teresa of Avila


  1. I can' wait to see what you do!

  2. I have always loved the Santos dolls and I too, will be excited to see what you will create.

  3. I want a cage doll. I will be back to see Come visit.Laura Q

  4. bird cage skirt says as we want to have big homes like this birds also need and want to have freedom like big homes so therefor we need to build big cages for birds to live them free area so i would like to thank you dear for sharing it with us so keep it up

  5. Got on your blog to see what you were doing these days and as usual, I just love, love, love everything. I love it that you are so thoughtful and artistic. It is a pleasure knowing you and watching you continue to grow. I think NIADA does that for everyone, even it's members. We as artist's learn from each other and it is such a blessing to have artist's who are willing to share and share willingly their expertise. Thanks for your sweet note. I will be looking forward to next year.
    Fondly, Jan Collins-Langford

  6. In case you don't know who Mamo is - - it is my Grandmother name. I don't know if you got my last comment, but just in case you didn't, I will tell you again what a pleasure it has been to meet you and watch your artwork grow through the years. I think NIADA just does that for you, don't you? I will look forward to next year and seeing you again then, if our paths do not cross again before then. I love your site, and the wonderful koi hat and your latest work.
    Fondly, Jan (Collins-Langford)

  7. researching Santos and came across excited to know there are others out there with the same appreciation. Tonner doll is going to be a Santos for me. I have it started already,

  8. I'm trying to figure out where the cage idea came from (or represents) and why they left it open. I saw mentioned for photography...would they change the dolls on the base? I also saw in sir adams post something about analogy to birds...large house and freedom? Or was it a found object that they worked with and only wanted to view figure from waste up??


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