Friday, April 30, 2010

Learning to Sew #2

I have always said that I was so thankful that my Mom taught me to sew so young because today, I would not have not have the patience to learn.

But I am finding that now, at this place in my life, I am realizing the value of learning new things...of new uncharted adventures...of challenging myself to do those things that I have always step at a time!

I just recently had a birthday and asked from my Mom the gift of the Singer Featherweight on which I learned to sew. It had been tucked away on a shelf in my Mom's sewing area.

It was surreal taking the machine out of the case- have you ever experienced that familiar but that familiarity yet so far in the back corner of your mind?

As I enjoyed looking over the brought back memories of threading it, winding the bobbin, and pressing on the pedal...

...the elegant gold trim around the edges, the pretty little seal...even the adjustment for the tension.

Sewing has been such a main focus and interest for my entire life...the threads of fabric are just part of me and who I am...
...and I believe that like the weave of fabric, our lives are woven together -to shape into a creative marvel and to share that marvel with each other.
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