Friday, June 25, 2010


I am one of those persons whose body speaks to me loud and clear...and yes, sometimes I ignore those times when my body is telling me- to say- rest! I find my mind is about a week in front of what I can physically do...but at least I will never be bored!
Over the last month or so I have had quite the craving for lavender...more than just lotion or an aromatherapy bath- to actually ingest it...who knows...maybe my mind knows that I have to crank out some dolls and it is just preparing my body to stay focused but relaxed. I have tried to hunt around online to find out what lavender cravings are all about- can't really find anything.

So I am choosing to just go with it and eat and drink lavender. My first thing I found was this delicious Lavender Milk Tea- I had it while out to tea with my friend Carol. Now, you have to have a taste for the earthy, to like it. Carol wasn't really sure about it- and she has quite an extended palette. But I luxuriated in it...too good!
...this tea had a Chinese label- off I went in search of this delicious-soul-soothing tea. The only thing I could find online- Lavender Milk Tea. I haven't tried this one....yet!

I went to Wholefoods and did find a chamomile with lavender tea- not bad but I need more lavender! I bought it anyway and am actually sitting here drinking it while I am writing to you.

Next up was off to the Apothecary Tinctura to purchase lavender in bulk and whatever other little lavender item would fit into my craving...I got the bulk dried lavender, an aromatherapy spray, and some lavender infused water.

photo credit: By PoPkO! link here
With the dried lavender I made scones- next time I need to add more lavender!!

So with this next month in front of me and all the things I am committed to create and all the things I would like to create- I am going to be a busy busy girl...

...but relaxed...just me and my lavender!
dreaming about all those creative things!
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