Friday, July 2, 2010

Something for a Friend

I have a friend, Judi, that I met years ago. We find that our paths do not cross as much as we like but when they do, I feel, there is a nice connection. She has a very creative soul.

Judi's birthday was this week, so I wanted to make something for her...something that she could use but that had a bit if bohemian creativity to it...hummm.

I came up with a small wallet. I had in my stash of special fabrics, a bit of this tapestry fabric-textured-delicately woven...soft and flexible but with some weight to it.

Next, was the lining. I wanted something modern- new crisp. I had this great cotton that was a direct opposite in design but the colors complimented the outer shell.
In between, I stabilized the fabrics and adding cotton batting to give it a bit more weight for wear.

And now, for those small details that would set it apart...a friendship saying that I printed on hand-dyed haboti silk...and the crowning touch...a pretty vintage button!

Each friend
represents a world
in us,a world
possibly not born
until they arrive,
and it is only by
this meeting that a
new world is born.
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