Friday, July 30, 2010

Pretty Pretty Bags

My talented and dear friend Carol Frechette is starting a new business after 20+ years in the hat business. 2nFROM- just love them!!

Carol and I have been known to go for a cup a tea and chat for hours and I mean hours...4-5 hours! We talk about life as women, being creative, and what to do with that creativity. It is always very inspiring! Her bags are of various fibers, mixing re-use fibers with luscious fibers such as silk satin. I love mixing fibers with my work and find these bags...well...delicious!

As many of you know I was just in Chicago at the NIADA Convention (yes-more to come in August- so much talk about) anyway....I took my 2 bags I own with me and Carol let me borrow one of her black satin bags...did I feel special carrying that!

My very own Bags: This bag I just fell in love with, it is the colors I love and the size I love- a lunch tote size. The vintage button is whimsical and I think, really adds a certain charm to this bag...

My next bag is larger and my hauls everything- everywhere! As you know I love words (quietly) printed somewhere in my Carol custom designed a bag for me with one of my favorite sayings...
What lies behind us

and what lies before us

are tiny matters

compared to

what lies within us.

And as a twist, I had her write it in French on the outside of the bag...

Ce qui les mensonges est derrière

et quels mensonges avant

nous sont des questions

très petites comparées à quels

mensonges dans nous.

And on the inside is a label in English that printed onto silk.

I love the fact that after, what most would think was a well established career, she and her husband, sold their business moved from Seattle to Denver, and started out on an entirely new path...keeping what she holds in her heart and expressing it through such lovely pieces or art to be enjoyed by all.

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